Rebranding of the dog and cat brand Prosense. This brand plays in the categories of healthcare and grooming. I was challenged with breathing life into the brand and making it more shoppable. I decided to create an icon and color coding system to help people understand our different categories and the specific benefits they deliver to pets. The main thing I chose to do was make the brand more emotional and less clinical. This was done by using black and white imagery of dogs being active to evoke the feeling that if your dogs takes these products, he will be as happy and healthy as the dogs pictured.

Prosense is endorsed and recommended by Dr. Jeff Werber "Vet to the Stars". He is featured on all of the healthcare products and is kept in color to differentiate him from the images in the background. On the grooming side I kept the subject matter more playful and light hearted to reflect the less serious nature of the products.
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